We realize Salt Caves MEASURE.

Aesthetics, Health Center, Hotel, every fact its salt cave.

We are specialized in the realization of salt caves in that do not involve the use of nebulizers nor Micronisers.

Find out why we are unique

Salt Caves for ESTETICHE

We create small salt caves ideal for Cosmetics and / or bellzza centers.


We produce salt caves for health and wellness centers.

Salt Caves for HOTEL / RESORT

We create small salt caves for Hotel e Resort.

You know that our salt caves are Unique?

The salt caves BlueParadises It is the UNIQUE in which the floor, walls and ceiling are completely formed from pieces of rooms of various grit and UNIQUE which do not involve the use of nebulizers nor Micronisers.

These two KEY and UNIQUE caratteristiche hanno un enorme valore dal momento che le distinguono da tutte quelle attualmente in commercio. Il sale da noi utilizzato, di grandi dimensioni e di diversi colori, produce infatti grandi benefici, sprigionando in modo totalmente naturale quelle che sono le proprietà che il sale incorpora in sé, senza utilizzare attrezzature meccaniche (nebulizzatori/micronizzatori) Il sale che viene immesso all’interno delle grotte che utilizzano i nebulizzatori/micronizzatori, per quanto ridotto a piccolissime particelle e mescolato a sostanze liquide, lascia evidenti tracce di sé imbiancando letteralmente le superfici su cui si deposita. Prova ne sia che chiunque permanga all’interno di tali grotte, dopo il trattamento, ne esce con narici, sopracciglia, capelli, vestiti ecc. completamente imbiancati.

It is precisely for these reasons that the public facilities (Ministry of Health and local health authorities around the country) have long since begun a careful verification and control, which resulted, in the best case the obligation to process the structures with nebulizer / Micronisers in Presidi Doctors (with all the implications and the constraints of the case) or, in all other cases, to compel the closure.

It appears indeed simple to understand that, if the salt sprayed by the nebuliser is deposited on the surfaces, in the same way that inhaled may settle in the lungs, bronchi etc.. creating in many cases obvious contraindications; such treatments are in fact forbidden, for example, in people suffering from high blood pressure and elevated heart beats in addition to many other diseases.

Our Caves, however, all these problems not create them because they "work" only through the beneficial properties that salt brings a dowry.

Inside of our Salt Caves, moreover, he is present a "REFINING TOWER" which consists of a wooden structure inside of which water flows particularly salt which, in its continuous movement, develops moisture that is absorbed by the salt (hygroscopic properties) which, in turn form of salt, hand-hand crystals, are deposited on the birch twigs positioned inside thereby fueling an ideal microclimate.

Our Grotte, therefore, are ideal for everyone from babies to older people, from athletes to pregnant women, for those who are stressed or those who simply want to treat yourself to a little 'relaxation and well-being.

Inside our caves entering clothes (just take off your shoes), and you can enjoy a constant temperature -12 months a year - to 24/26 ° and with an ideal humidity of 50%.

He only listens to relaxing music and enjoying the pleasant sound of water; children play with the salt accumulated on the floor and stay in them is on average 45 minutes.

Vial of Lares 4-33082 Cordenons (PN)
P.I. 01795390937
Cell. 339/5905748
Cell: 039 348 0156309
fax: 0434/030472
P.i: 01795390937

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