Specialists in the supply and installation of swimming pools dream.

Blue Paradises makes your home

the best place to go on vacation.

Thanks to the optimization of production processes, the Blue Pools Paradises enjoy a quality price ratio among the best on the market, using only "Made in Italy".

With exclusive accessories, cutting-edge technology components, and special shapes can be considered among the best suppliers of pools in Italy.

Each pool Blue Paradises is a work of art and ingenuity. In achieve it, we try to combine technology, architecture, landscape design and creativity in its purest form as if it were a work of art.

Customization is our rule to get a more amazing result all in perfect harmony.

If you want a pool with special finishes or if you are looking for very specific forms, shaped almost naturally without any limit, with submerged rocks, outcropping, then Blue Paradises for you.

Blue Paradises offers the range of prefabricated ground pools for those who want to realize their own swimming pool with a tight budget and with exceptional value for money.

The high level of industrialization makes it possible to make a pool with the highest economies of scale, thanks to the direct production of more '80% of the components within our group companies.

Contact us for all the information you want for your pool.


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