flotation SENSORY

It improves the condition of psycho-physical well-being and sports performance.


Here you can ask all the technical information, prices and how to start your own business through the creation of your own floatting center.


The relaxing whirlpool and chromotherapy Wave

The only whirlpool tub which creates a feeling of weightlessness and a complete physical and mental relaxation, eliminating back pain and insomnia.

Onda è la vasca relax con idromassaggio che, grazie ad un innovativo metodo di galleggiamento flottante, permette un completo ​ rilassamento e benessere del corpo e della mente, e migliora la qualità del sonno. La versatilità del sistema consente un impiego sia a livello estetico che medicale, ma la vera particolarità di nuvola rimane la sensazione unica di assenza di gravità e il dolce abbandono nelle sue calde acque.

Il sistema permette la completa immersione del corpo senza alcun contatto con l’acqua ( ci si può immergere vestiti ); un particolare sistema consente all’acqua di circolare anche sopra il corpo del cliente, che si sentirà, così, non solo sospeso ma anche contemporaneamente avvolto dall’acqua. In questo modo la stessa temperatura viene diffusa in ogni zona del corpo, conciliando il rilassamento psico-fisico e predisponendo, quindi, la cute ad un più rapido ed efficace assorbimento dei principi attivi di un’eventuale impacco applicato.

The feeling of weightlessness, as determined by the lack of perception of rigid support points, allows relaxing muscles of the whole body, simultaneously favoring the mental relaxation thanks also to the particular floating effect.

A 'hours' sleep in the tub relaxation wave can be compared to 8 hours of sleep in a normal bed. The use even for a few minutes during the day can improve sleep quality and solve the problems of insomnia.

A lighting system immersed in the water well with 576 LEDs, creates a sequence of colors (perceivable also with closed eyes) designed to achieve a deep relaxation.

The benefits of relaxing whirlpool wellness

• In the full-featured models Wave is equipped with water jets for massage lumbar, buttocks and thighs massage and foot massage effect lymphodraining

• The simplicity of use, the content consumption costs (among the lowest in the sector), the time necessary for a complete treatment (20/30 minutes), make one of the most ecological and innovative systems on the market Onda

• Extremely Low Power Consumption: 0.13 Kw Vacuum

• Wave can be installed in any space without any predisposition (just a normal socket)

Using the relaxing bath for beauty salon and SPA
Over wraps and windings, the active ingredient of each "product" applied to the skin, has the ability to penetrate more deeply and with greater speed, thanks to the "synergy" of three fundamental factors:

• the water pressure on each point of the body, allows for a gentle occlusion uniformly distributed;

• the water temperature favors the opening of skin pores;

• The complete mental and physical relaxation facilitates greater "absorption" of the active ingredients

Technical characteristics of the relaxing bath

Power supply: 220V - 50 / 60Hz - 16A
Weight: Empty 230 kg - 305 kg ca. (Depending on the model); under conditions of use 630 kg - 705 kg ca. (Depending on model)


  • Zen version cm 220 x 94 x 71h
  • Lux version cm 244 x 122 x 71h

Upholstery colors:
White ash - ash stained wenge - wenge, aluminum and Pietra Serena - TECNO-GRIP Colored
Power consumptions:
average hourly consumption 0.13 / 0.20 Kw / h Vacuum
Waterproof cloth in anti-mildew and antibacterial PVC (patent with patented system) for water circulation over the body
lumbar massage system, buttocks, thighs
water's lighting system with L.E.D. 575 submerged
plandatre of massage system, draining water
A norma CE o ETL/ CSA

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