Salt panels natural rock salt for salt caves and paintings in the rooms.

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Immergetevi in una culla di legno e mosaico e ne uscirete più snelli, idratati, rilassati, forti ed energici!.

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Floating Sensory

For a pleasant state energizing and revitalizing.

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Pools Dream

The oldest way to eliminate fatigue, mental stress and physical divertenosi.

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We help you to rediscover Nature


Based on the experience gained from the underground sanatorium doctors of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, located near Krakow, in the context of therapeutic treatments based on beneficial natural inhalation of the microclimate of the mine, was made a series of products, like the caves in salt, To recreate the surface, this healthy microclimate that favors the treatment of respiratory diseases mainly but not only. Go on "


The sensory deprivation tank is a popular instrument in the world, to improve the state of mental and physical well-being and sports performance. Go on… "


Thanks to the optimization of production processes, the Blue Pools Paradises enjoy a quality price ratio among the best on the market, go on "


The tub Salina assists the rebalancing of the whole organic system.

Why choose Blue Paradises

The Blue Paradises products are made with environmentally friendly materials in full respect of nature. We realize salt caves, salt walls, pools dream and we have innovative and effective ways to relax body and mind and make daily life full of unforgettable moments.

Blue Paradises

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